Statistical methods and analytics are critical decision support tools that have an important role to play in improving business processes and outcomes and form the core of Business Intelligence (BI). Enterprises, irrespective of their scale and sector deploy statistical application software to help managers take critical decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty, and the hospitality industry is no exception. This course presupposes the students’ familiarity with descriptive analysis and probability concepts. The emphasis is on trending topics in data visualizations, Big Data and inferential statistical algorithms which enable students to explore differences and relationships commonly used in business studies.  Drawing on use cases and examples from hospitality and tourism as well as other allied sectors, the content familiarizes them with desktop and cloud application software tools for data visualization and analyses which enable handling ‘Big Data’ from a business intelligence perspective. Practical application of the concepts and interpretation of the output will augment the student’s ability to derive actionable insights and to mitigate risk and uncertainty.