Topic description and bio note

Topic description

A life of a citizen of Malta in the 18th century left a paper trail like no other. The bureaucratic clerks of the Order of St. John left us evidence that helps the historian paint the various hues of Malta’s citizen. Michele Picasso is one such example. Liam Gauci will recreate the swashbuckling life of this Corsair through paper evidence found all over the Mediterranean. Marriage, war, profit, infidelity, shipwreck, exile and enslavement are uncovered from the pages of Maltese and also Mediterranean archives.


Biographic Note – Mr Liam Gauci

Liam has been the Curator of the Malta Maritime Museum for 13 years. He has published over 40 articles on Maritime history and published his first monograph on Maltese Corsairs in 2016. He is currently writing his second book about the corsairs which will further delve into the lives of the sea going community at Malta in the late 18th century. He is an alumni of Department of History at the UOM and currently is a visiting lecturer at the department of Archaeology at UOM.

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