Topic description and presenter bio note

Topic description

Ø  The rise of Fascism, the tensions between the two world wars, re-armament and how Malta this affected Malta in the 1930s

Ø  The role of Italy, Fascism, and Italian culture on the Maltese population, including the internment and deportation of a group of Maltese to Uganda

Ø  Malta's military and civil preparedness, or lack of, on the eve of the war

Ø  Why Malta was heavily bombed but not invaded by the Axis

Ø  Malta's role as a "thorn in Rommel's side" and in the wider context of the Second World War

Ø  The role of propaganda and the Maltese newspapers

Ø  Busting some myths: the Sta Marija Convoy saved Malta; the Maltese pro-Italians were Fascists and spies; the 3 Gloster Gladiator fighters, Italian cowardice.

Ø  Victory over Italy in 1943

Ø  Re-introduction of self-government and reconstruction

Biographic Note - Mr Martin Debattista


Martin Debattista is Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and ICT at the Institute of Tourism Studies (Malta) and a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences at the University of Malta. 

Currently a doctoral student with the University of Salford (UK), researching digital technologies for heritage interpretation and curation applied to the Second World War. He has other post-graduate and graduate qualifications in digital media, mass media and education.

Research interests include Digital Education, Digital Content Curation, e-Tourism, Heritage Interpretation through Technology, Digital Media, and Mixed Reality technologies. 

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