Course assignments and assessment

Course assignment, done individually

1. Study present day marketing of the company you have selected
2. Benchmark marketing of the competitors
3. Research the customers, produce buyer personas
4. Write an digital marketing plan (with previous steps included)
5. Present the plan to the company
6. Upload the plan and comments from the company to ITS VLE

The plan should be 12-16 pages of relevant content.


Self-reflection assignment, done individually

Write your thoughts what did you learn during this course and how can it help you in your professional life.

The report should be 2 pages of relevant content.


Home work tasks during the course, done individually

Peer review of two fellow students' homework 7 (KPIs).


Assessment weights:
1. Digital marketing plan 50%
2. Present day digital asset audit, including competitor and customer analysis: 40%
3. Peer evaluation, self reflection and contribution during course 10%

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