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Digital marketing tools for kwiff

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Digital marketing tools for kwiff
by Zhivanka Vitanova - Friday, 20 November 2020, 10:31 PM

Digital marketing tools for kwiff


Kwiff is an IGaming company operated by kwiff Ltd (“kwiff”), a company registered in Malta which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eaton Gate Gaming Ltd (“EGG”), a company registered in England and Wales. The company is focused on the British market with plans to extend in another 6 countries in near future. The IT team is improving the services on daily basis, the CRM team are working hard for better offers for the existing and new customers however in order to reach higher targets, the company is in need of digital marketing plan. The company’s vision is “Offer an innovative and entertaining gambling experience that works for the player, not the industry”. Recently the company came up with a product vision which is “A scalable and smart platform that promotes international and domestic growth”.

Some of the digital marketing tools that can be used or approved by kwiff are:

Website Optimization – Search engine optimization (SEO)

Since the company is not very big, the budget for marketing is little. In case where the company does not wish to spend a lot of money, there are some free tools like Google Search Console. The competition on the British market is very high therefore in order to show up in the searched results the company must invest in it. In IGaming the customers are not visiting the site once therefore the optimization for search alone is not enough. For this matter, available software tools can be used to search for potential issues with page speed, mobile usability and SEO.

Social Media Marketing

The company is present on Twitter (mostly) with 12000 followers, Facebook with 3000 followers. Company is not very active on the social network sites therefore this is one step further in order to gain more followers and customers. Twitter is used for promotions and influencer marketing however using tools that can improve the performance on social media such as Hootsuite, Buffer publish or loosely should be taken into consideration. Presence on Instagram can be considered. Social media marketing is an easy way to engage the customers and keep them active by promoting the offers, promotions and advantages the customer might experience. By hiring an influencer from the social media is one of the options to consider which was used in the past and resulted with a high number of new customers and returning of existing inactive customers.

Display & Video Advertising

Currently the company is using the world’s leading betting services provider SportRadar ad:s Marketing services for bookmakers.

By creating an emotional engagement of audio/video and creative visual formats for online audience targeting and posting it on channels like YouTube, social networks and websites the company can generate engagement and brand affinity.

Paid Search PPC and affiliate marketing

Pay per click, or PPC, is the most widespread paid search model and very important part of the digital marketing plan and also crucial for player acquisition and retention. For example, the sportsbook can benefit from building PPC campaigns around sporting events while for casino operators, advertisers can leverage special offers and bonuses in their ads.

The affiliate programs are taking a big part of the pay per click in the IGaming industry which is boosting the industry revenue even further than £66.12 bn by 2024 (Ross, 2020). This is one way to raise the brand recognition and website visits, also the number of customers registered. Since the pay is per click this way of marketing strategy guarantees a good return of investment which is good for any company size.

Content and email Marketing

For content marketing and email marketing, the company is already using Optimove and Mailchimp for email marketing only. These two are used very often in Igaming industry as the easiest way to reach and inform the already existing customers (active and inactive) is through email. Selection of the activity of the customers is done in order to offer a custom made promotions.




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by Tommi Immonen - Tuesday, 5 January 2021, 3:11 PM

Zhivanka, good work. It would be nice to know more how to find good affiliates.