Homework 3: Digital marketing tools

Digital Marketing Tools - TASK 3 - Tanja Loncina

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Digital Marketing Tools - TASK 3 - Tanja Loncina
by Tanja Loncina - Monday, 16 November 2020, 12:25 PM

Tanja Loncina

Digital Marketing – task 3 - tools

Company: The Topaz Hotel managed by Hummingbird properties limited




The Topaz Hotel located in St. Paul’s Bay, classified as a 3-star hotel by the Malta Tourism Authority. It is a part of the group Robert Arrigo and Sons (RAS) that incorporates a wide range of hospitality services such as accommodation, transport, and travel agencies.

The Topaz Hotel has a total of 326 rooms. The Hotel was built in 1987, and the history of the hotel is used by current Management to maintain its meaning to the locality with its connection to local residences, local council, and further, repeating and new, customers.

Maltese Bird Park, the Empire Cinemas, The Kennedy Grove Park, The Malta National Aquarium, The Car Museum are places of interest in the vicinity to the Hotel. St. Paul’s Bay has several restaurants, bars, and shops, and Bugibba Harbour from which one can go to Gozo, Comino, or to Sliema Harbor. The Northern route of Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing bus tours begin in front of the Hotel. With many of these entities, Topaz Hotel has contracts and deals to offer special promotions for them.

The Marketing activities are in general provided by the RAS team, as an external partner.




Hotel has a web site that introduces the hotel, and offers a blog section about main places of interest, activities, and information about the Locality and Malta. It offers a direct booking engine that is connected to the reservation department e-mail further for any queries. The website can lead the visitor to social media profiles of this company, offering the pre-view of promoted posts with news and promotions. The Topaz Hotel’s website that is created by WebMaster could use Update and modernization. The company could benefit from proper SEO optimization and more used-friendly website, as some users found it complicated to use, and to book services directly through it.

Blog-section should be updated more regularly with SEO optimized content, that can include the promotion of established connection with partners and related businesses. It could improve its reply-time by introducing a live-in chat button on the website. The tool that can be used is livechat.com that offer 14-days free trial. If this version of chat-bot is found to be complicated as it connects some platform that hotel doesn’t use in its communication with clients (i.e. WhatsApp) it can implement Facebook built-in live chat button that would be catered by reservation clerk during office hours, or receptionist on duty (as it is a position covered 24/7) to power up the reply time and flow of the information between users, potential visitors, guests, and partners, and company.  

Adobe Analytics, Google SEO, and Google Tag manager are the tools that can be used to further optimize information shared with users. It is notable that Hotel doesn’t use tags and hashtags on its social media platforms and these tools can show which are the best to chose and to implement to perfect the reach on the targeted market.



As the group that is providing external Marketing services to the company, RAS, has highly diversified sales channels seen its own network of travel agencies and other travel services provided, it has the capacity to include this Hotel in many publications, represent it on Fairs visited, etc. Further, connection with a number of partners, the group promotes all their branches of business, representing The Topaz Hotel between others. Ads that cater to the local market mostly, offering so-called Staycation tourism, as weekend-breaks, and other events organized by and withiN the Hotel, are created and introduced through local TV and radio stations. These promotions and ads can be used as content and shared on the website, and social media, even YouTube channels, with help of SproutSocial. This tool offers network integration and sharing of the content and getting the feedback and analysis of reach for the price of 99 dollars per month after a free trial period.


Social Media

The social Media are implementing updates of news, deals, and events that the company wants to promote. For example, its Facebook platform profile has around 22 000 followers, many of them being previous visitors to the Hotel. Until 2018., free WI-FI connection offered by Hotel in all its premises was requiring the “sign-in” by “like” or “check-in” on this platform or sharing the user’s e-mail address to establish an internet connection. Depending on the importance the company finds in content published, prioritizing the offers promotions, and important updates, the hotel uses the paid-ad tools on this platform.

At the moment, promotion, and updates of social media and other platforms are done by CEO and Reservation department, and this creates issues in understanding new tools and platforms and as it is time-consuming to check, react, and reach the targeted market, these tasks can be given to external providers of service for a certain fee. PerfectAudience can be used to better these activities as “a free“(to register) the platform that offers retargeting and activating Facebook and Instagram followers to react and communicate with the company. Facebook and Instagram are currently having the strongest impact on travel-related companies and their targeted market. This platform offers reporting and cost-control in a user-friendly manner for every targeted campaign created through it.



Company used the opportunity offered by its partners from the film and TV industry, and few times it has been filmed, as part of the set, location, or story, for some local TV shows. The company got credit and publicity by providing complimentary or greatly reduced rates to these partners in return. There are professional, videos of the Hotel and its surroundings created by the company’s marketing team, that one can find on the YouTube platform, the same as the virtual tour of the amenities offered. The videos are modern, some done by drones and they are adequately tagged so they are easy to find by interested parties. The company established cooperation with local Chess society, and Comic-Con (previously known as Malta GeekFest) between many others organizing events and accommodating organizers and visitors, and got featured in their websites, offers, and video promo material and final cuts. In 2019. It had cooperation with “The Look of the Year”, Italian fashion TV show is choosing the next top-model and that is followed by international viewers. This show-event was filmed and featured on TV as on other social networks and the website of this organization.

Vimeo as a free tool can be used to further share videos filmed at this location same as one created for marketing purpose to further present the company to users of this platform, and to use the opportunity to share content created on it, to other networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or similar that are currently left behind by this company.


Affiliate marketing

As mentioned earlier. The group RAS promotes as an affiliate and external provider of services promotion of this Hotel. It implements links to the hotel’s website and direct booking buttons on some of the websites it has in its portfolio. Offering other services, as travel representatives for groups, or travel guides, or transfer and transportation, it affiliates the marketing of other services and partners, extending this to The Topaz itself. We can see that this is not reciprocated by The Topaz and it can be in the future, creating more traffic to the website and establishing a better public image as it would promote its connection to its business partners, the group it is part of, and other places of interest it has cooperation with but doesn’t directly and publicly display it.


E-mail marketing

The Hotel has a database of contacts of previous visitors, and guests. In 7 years, which is managed by current management, it has developed questionnaires, and other forms and established a list of visitors’ mailing addresses. It can implement marketing through Mailchimp to contact previous users and promote news and offers. The company has a number of repeating customers that previously shared the need to stay in touch with the company and their interest in obtaining such information.

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Re: Digital Marketing Tools - TASK 3 - Tanja Loncina
by Tommi Immonen - Tuesday, 5 January 2021, 3:32 PM

Tanja, thorough thinking and nice set of tools! Free tools are ok to start w, but serious use needs paid version.