Homework 3: Digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools

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Digital marketing tools
by Liudmila Simpson - Monday, 16 November 2020, 10:57 AM

Homework 3: Digital marketing tools

Liudmila Simpson




Background and overview 


Lulu Boutique Hotel is a little family-run hotel in the centre of traditional Maltese village, a 300- years old house of character, full of historical features. It has only eight suites, but they are all having different style and various facilities. This boutique hotel is small, independent and not part of the chain. Therefore, usual for larger hotels marketing strategy and budget are not available. But instead of trying to fit into the world of well-known names, Lulu should focus on their strength, like unique and personalized experience and use it as an advantage for their marketing promotion.


Digital marketing tools small hotel can benefit from.


1.              Responsive website. 

At the moment, the company is using Wix.com for its website creation and support. Wix is very user and budget-friendly platform. It has lots of additional features and apps to offer, some of them are free or come with various subscriptions, and others are paid for. Wix has hotels Booking system supports, which allows to control bookings, accept on-line reservations and payments, create campaigns and issue coupons and personalized vouchers. Guests can make reservations directly on the website, which brings a higher profit - margins, rather than bookings with commission to third party distributors like OTA or tour operators.

It is not a secret that most of the people use mobile phones for their searches and social media daily. A responsive web design (RWD) takes a mobile-first approach to ensure web content displayed adequately on devices of varying sizes. Wix is offering this option as well. It helps in creating a website to show off the property and focus on what makes it different in the market.


2.              Social media 

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., have a massive audience and impact on a hotel’s recognition. Running creative ad campaigns on social media proved to be extremely effective and inexpensive. They allow to connect with the past, present and potential guests via communication, special offers, contests and feedback. However, balance and creativity are required on social media. It is essential to find the right content and frequency of the posts and stories. They should be neither boring, no excessive and useless, which is equally counterproductive. 

Being that hotel is new, there is a lack of historical information about the customers and clientele. Initially, the ideal and imaginary customers have been used to create a “buyer personas” and as a basis for hitting the target market. Afterwards, as the campaign runs and real-life data collected from actual customers, more relevant data will be available, and the company can refine the messages to the desired audience.


3.              Content creator 

Canva is a convenient tool for design presentations, social media graphics, posts, stories, letterheads, menus, adds and more with thousands of beautiful layouts. It has loads of free templates, but wider variety is also available upon subscription. 


4.              Creative communications

Active engagement on social media and producing fresh content, such as blog (using Wix blog page) and videos (using Youtube or Vimeo) is excellent helping hand for small hotels communicate openly with customers and earn their attention. For instance, we generate engagement from past and prospective guests with a Facebook and Instagram post by talking about places of interest, or beautiful historical sites near the hotel. Building engagement with the brand is the first step. Creating a blog is also a budget-friendly solution, and it has the potential to become a kind of social hang-out or communication section of the hotel website. As a result, it will help the website to grow its recognition on search engines, and increase direct sales.


5.              SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

Effective SEO relies on consistency across several different areas within its own website at both the front and back end. This includes elements such as the on-page content, but also the background coding page structures and attributes. It is crucial to enhance SEO set up to ensure a good position in the google search. This can be done with the help of different tools, including Wix SEO tools. It is good to remember, that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the website is build to last the marathon. 


6.              Google Analytics

Google Analytics if handy tool, one of the most popular analytics software, and which is very important, it is very budget-friendly, because it is free. It lets to measure advertising ROI as well as track video and social networking sites and applications. It provides valuable insight information about website visitors, tracks and reports website traffic, and helps to find the best way forward for the marketing strategy. This tool is easily customizable and gives instant access to the information, which saves time and helps to make marketing decisions on time.


7.              Email campaign

Mailchimp marketing tool is used to automate marketing strategy. It helps to engage past guests on a one-to-one level and encourages them to book directly. A targeted email marketing campaign is quite effective in gathering data from all hotel systems and creating a single customer view, sending automated email interactions to guests during, before and after their stay works better than undifferentiated messages. 





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