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Digital Marketing Tools

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Digital Marketing Tools
by Celine van der Mark - Sunday, 15 November 2020, 5:10 PM

MIDA – Malta Interior Design Association

Not-for-profit, voluntary membership organisation which functions as the professional body representing the interests of Maltese Interior Designers.

Marketing Goals

1.     Growing the member base – at the moment the association has 16 full members and 3 associate members;

2.     Engaging with potential customer and the public. MIDA wants to become the go-to resource for the public when searching for an interior designer or for information about interior design (tips, design news, events, etc.);

3.     Affiliating with key bodies/associations locally and internationally.

Digital Marketing - General situation audit

Website – www.mida.org.mt

Instagram – maltainteriordesignassocation – 360 followers

Facebook – MALTA Interior Design Association – 1,017 followers

The association’s website as well as their social media presence is very weak. The website content is not ideal so this is definitely hurting their marketing efforts. And it is known that apart from frustrating visitors, poor content also affects the company’s SEO. According to Google “One of the most important steps in improving your site’s ranking in Google search results is to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information…”

MIDA has never carried out any Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing. Although they post regularly on Facebook, their organic reach is ineffective for spreading the MIDA brand on social media, because of the changes in Facebook’s organic reach algorithms.

Suggested Digital Marketing Tools

Google Analytics

The first tool that MIDA would greatly benefit from is Google Analytics. Apart from the fact that it is free, and given MIDA’s feable budget this is a great advantage, it will also allow them to steer their website and their strategy in the right direction. It can be a true business ally, as it will allow them to discover crucial information about their website visitors. This includes the number of visitors, where they are located, demographic data, what kind of device they used to access the website, the source of the web traffic (social media, direct, organic sources etc.), which pages are most visited, and how long they stayed on the site. This will really help them to understand if their content appeals to their audience. All of these metrics and data will give them invaluable insight into their website performance and identify areas for improvement.


MIDA is a voluntary membership organisation that relies on volunteers and a small budget funded by membership fees and donations. This means that it doesn’t have the financial means to hire consultants or marketing agents to carry out its marketing campaign, so most work must be done in-house by volunteers. Intrinsically this means that the volunteers will not have much time on their hands to do this work so any tools that facilitate and speed up the process, while being free or low cost are ideal for MIDA.

One such tool is Buffer.com, which is a unified platform that allows users to manage multiple social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn). The association will be able to schedule posts to their various social media from one place, thus saving on time, as well an analyse their results and engage with their audience effectively. The platform offers a free 14-day trial at the end of which MIDA will be able to downgrade to the basic plan which is free. This includes 3 social channels, 10 scheduled posts per social account and 1 user. It is a great option as it allows the association to test Buffer before committing to one of its paid packages which start at $15 per month for 8 social channels, 100 scheduled posts per social account and 1 user.

The association must always thrive to post content that is original, valuable and share-worthy so that it lasts long and may be reposted or retweeted at a later date. This is one key feature of Buffer.com, in that it produces analytics which will show MIDA how effective and popular their posts have been, and what interactions they have had, thus enabling them to decide which ones are worth reposting.

Video Marketing - YouTube

Experts agree that video is the most important strategy in content marketing today. MIDA would benefit greatly from creating a YouTube channel in which to post a series of videos including:

·       An introductory video about MIDA, the importance of interior design, the role of designers, and why it is important to work with MIDA affiliated designers. Members would be invited to participate in the video so that each person would narrate part of the ‘story’ while their projects are being shown in the background (in video not still pictures). This would create awareness of the association and its value to consumers;

·       A series of short thematic videos exploring key topics that are of value to MIDA’s target audience. A search in Google Trends would prove very useful to understand what topics Maltese people are searching for in terms of design of interior and exterior spaces. Some examples would be – a video on layout, one on texture and colour, one on designing small spaces (very common occurrence in Malta given the limited buildable space on the island), sustainable interior design and more.

Creating a series of videos would also help MIDA dominate the suggested videos which come up on the right hand side of the screen, so that viewers are kept engaged with MIDA’s content on YouTube rather than moving on to other channels.

It is also well-known that sites which contain video are more likely to rank on the first pages of Google Search so MIDA would benefit from embedding their YouTube videos in their website to automatically get more traffic to their website. And since Google owns YouTube, it naturally favours YouTube videos.  


To ensure that all the hard work put into creating great video content does not go to waste, MIDA would utilise vidIQ.com to maximise their video’s organic reach. This is essentially a video analytics and marketing tool for YouTube publishers. It analyses the YouTube account and gives meaningful insights, such as number of views per day, number of subscribers, which videos have more traction etc., that help the user to make actionable decisions. The basic package is free while the pro package starts from $7.50 per month. Another very important feature is that it helps YouTube creators find topic and keywords for their videos, as well as assisting with creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions and tags.

Tommi Immonen
Re: Digital Marketing Tools
by Tommi Immonen - Tuesday, 5 January 2021, 4:19 PM

Celine, good set of tools and of course non-profit needs to think of money but most tools need paid version. Keep up the good work!