Homework 3: Digital marketing tools

Digital marketing Tools

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Digital marketing Tools
by Jimmy Aquilina - Sunday, 15 November 2020, 2:35 PM

Which of the digital marketing tools your chosen company would benefit from?



Situated on the northwest coast of Malta, the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Golden Sands lies on the magnificent shore of one of Malta’s most famous beaches – Golden Bay. The resort comprises 334 bedrooms, six restaurants and three bars. This amazing beach resort offers everything you could wish for from an upscale spa hotel, including panoramic views and easy access to the sand and clear blue saltwater. Radisson Blu Golden Sands hotel forms part of the Radisson Blu Hotels. The Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) is an international large-scale hotel group. RHG, a powerful hotel company known worldwide, is a member of such group. The RHG Group sublets, franchises, and manages hotels.

Digital Marketing Tools-

Website -

The hotel’s main purpose of having a website is to introduce and promote significant material in the right way to reach the target audience and primarily to facilitate to book online. The prime objective is to generate revenue via direct online bookings and one can demonstrate all the hotel’s visuals more particularly. It is an opportunity to represent your company on a first visual mentality. 90% of all information that is conveyed to our brains is visual, so it is important that the images that will be representing the company are the fastest route to evolve a spontaneous response from the market which means to capture that booking (Worldwide, 2014). Beside having the basic information of the hotel such as the location, contact information, etc. one must enhance the website by creating digital media gallery of the property so this will amplify the hotel’s location. Having its own website, the hotel can be much more resilience over the full design and the diversified difficulties that go into conceding the hotel’s page to essentially boost in search engine rankings. This can be accomplished by developing their keywords, social media links, headers and being managed regularly with recent and important substance to travel shoppers. Another advantage for hotel of having a website is to be able to promote the hotel’s own social media accounts.




Managing Online Reputation -

Customer feedback is valuable for the organisation’s marketing strategy. Golden sands Hotel recognizes the importance of digital marketing and the role of success that such tools have on making a significant profit and staying ahead of the competitors. The hotel manages the voice of guest platform by using one of the leading global digital marketing tools known as Review Pro.  Combining online reviews gathered from 175 different online travel agencies and guest satisfaction surveys,  gives a good indication of how the hotel is performing, however , this is only done on the hotel brand name and it excludes the food and beverage outlets online reputation.

The online reputation of the food and beverage outlets forming part of this establishment is not managed.  Currently, the only form of feedback from its patrons is acquired through the traditional comment cards given to each patron visiting the restaurant. Patrons are not encouraged to leave their feedback online therefore when potential new customers use the internet and mobile services to choose for dining options, the hotels’ food and beverage outlet are way behind the benchmark online.  A tool that the company would benefit from is Review Express. Review Express enables the user to invite recent patrons to write a review on popular social platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google, and others. With a few clicks, one may create and send customised email to customers, encouraging them to review the resort. Increasing online reviews would help to start building or enhance the brand image for these outlets. In addition, this also ensures that such reviews are real since the e-mail addresses that you are being used, are e-mail addresses that the outlet has taken when securing the booking and have an active account. In turn, metrics may be also calculated in the same manner and performance can be compared with the competitors for constant service improvement.


The new market paradigm -

The marketing and advertising realm is constantly progressing since the media expansion and digital technological advancements are introducing remarkable ways of dealing with consumers. This breakthrough has generated a change in the way consumers are purchasing. This can be seen in online purchasing and digital transactions.

 25% of consumers make use of social media when purchasing. Property owners especially hoteliers must adapt to such changes to be able to keep up with such a highly competitive business (Agda, 2020). Further to this, the use of influencers has become a creative yet productive marketing strategy, where the traditional “word of mouth” has again surged. Digital “word of mouth” is trusted much more than traditional ads like tv commercials, when making purchasing decisions. Moreover, social media influencers can reach a wider audience and consumers today are finding them trustworthy and credible.


OTA’s, commission and the book direct trend -


Online Travel Agencies comprise of inviting package deals as well as reviews from guests for hotels and venues. However, a booking fee for the consumer as well as a commission for the hotelier is included when selling a room using and OTA, thus it comes at a high cost. The firm Kalibri Labs (Agda, 2020) conducted a survey and their results showed that if one directly books a stay through a hotel, it would be around 9% more profitable as it helps your capability to up-sell and cross sell.

However, even though OTA’s are still valued, millennials and young adults usually come across venues through influencers on social media (Agda, 2020).




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Re: Digital marketing Tools
by Tommi Immonen - Thursday, 7 January 2021, 9:51 AM

Jimmy, good to know Review Pro is been used and Review Express would be good tool to have. The challenge is often, how to get reviews from guests.