Homework 3: Digital marketing tools

Homework Task 3 - Digital Tools

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Homework Task 3 - Digital Tools
by Maria Helga Muscat-Groelz - Sunday, 15 November 2020, 11:34 AM

These are some of the tools our business would require for my chosen project in the pre-launch marketing strategy phase to help boost sales and creativity.

1)     Wordpress or Squarespace could be a good choice to create a highly responsive and converting website which is an absolute necessity and both options can serve this purpose.


2)     Google Keyword planner is necessary to beat the competitors. SEMRush can also be an option to search and identify best keywords to include in our content marketing which is the blueprint of our online marketing efforts, driving every decision we make. Once the relevant keywords are identified, these must be integrated in our website which should ultimately drive traffic and sales.   


3)     A Web hosting service like bluehost.com is a necessity. Our website needs to be hosted somewhere. Bluehost.com can be a good choice because it is also geared for e-commerce sites given, we also want to drive online pre-launch booking sales.


4)     Hootsuite.com is a very good tool to build important online relationships. It helps the company in that one can quickly reply, engage, track, and listening to what people are saying about the business. One can set up custom streams to organize content, filter threads by keyword, location, and hashtag, and capture more conversations with a wide selection of apps. It also helps manage all social media on one platform. So, it is an absolute necessity. Persona Builders such as that of Hootsuite drive decisions by taking common user needs and bringing them to the forefront of planning before design has actually started. Personas can provide the team with a shared understanding of users in terms of goals and capabilities.


5)     Shopping cart software such as Squareonline could be the best solution as the business intends to take pre-bookings directly on its e-commerce site which should be designed to offer credit card processing as well as PayPal or other methods of processing payments.



6)     Webinar service tool such as Webinars provides the business with the necessary tools to present online sales presentations, web seminars and business demonstrations to their clients, regardless of where they are located. Leadpages.com can also be an option and serves this purpose too. An extremely important tool, especially in the pre-launch phase.


7)     Online project management software such as quip can help the business stay on track help. It provides a way to efficiently organize and manage complex projects from start to finish. This digital tool allows the company to manage and allocate resources, including team members, external resources, generic resources, documents and physical assets. This can be highly beneficial given the nature of the project with various stakeholders involved.


8)     Online data storage such as BOX could be great. It is important to ensure the information stored online is protected. Online storage services provide businesses with a place to store their files online, should something happen to the computer, including accidental data erasures, hard drive failures and Box can be a good solution as it lets you upload files and provides you with 100 GB of space in the Pro Plan. It also enables businesses to share files with colleagues and assign tasks, leave comments on someone’s work and get notifications when a file changes.



9)     Social Media Calendar helps a business in its social media marketing efforts. It focuses in planning the content around important opportunities in the industry or company. A solid social media calendar allows plenty of time to fill space with relevant content that is valuable to the audience rather than posting on the go and ad hoc.


10)  Canva Professional is an absolute must for graphical design and vibrant image content. Canva Pro enables a business to centralize all their assets, collaborate more easily, and oversee a brand's image by providing remixable templates, images, and design assets that other teams can use to create on-brand graphics.


11)  Filmora video editor is the best video editing software tool and has many effects that one can use to personalize the video content when editing. One can enjoy multiple templates and transitions to help develop a flawless exchange from one scene to another, sound, effect and filters. Videos are an essential integral part of social media and content strategy and drive traffic and conversions.